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turn and can hold the bank as long as the bank wins. Once the bank looses it moves on to the next player. Before the cards are dealt each baccarat player has to make his bet.

The player with the bank deals two sets of two cards, if of course the game is played by two players. The hand closest to nine wins. If the first two cards dealt count Eight or Nine it is called a "Natural" and wins automatically, unless both hands have the same value then it is of course a Tie. When nobody has a natural additional cards are drawn to determine the baccarat winner. If the hand you bet on wins you get a one to one payoff. You can also bet on a Tie where you get a one to eight payoff but a Tie is very rare, it occurs less than once in ten hands. When there is a Tie and you did not bet on it nobody looses or wins.

Value of the cards in Baccarat:

  • Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings count as 0.
  • The Ace counts as One.
  • Cards from Two to Nine are at Face Value.

At first the value of the cards might seem a little odd, but it's really simple to understand. In Baccarat you always have to keep in mind that the fist digit in a two-digit number does not count. That is why the Ten, Jack, Queen and the King count 0 and the Ace only one. This is not only the case with single card values but also with the result of two cards combined. So if you draw an eight in baccarat and a three, for instance, the value of both together would be eleven but since the first digit does not count your hand counts only one.

Unlike in Black Jack it is impossible to overdraw in Baccarat.

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