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If you don't have much Blackjack experience, it can be daunting stepping up to the tables for a game. You can, however, hide the fact of your inexperience very simply by remembering these straightforward rules. (Note - the rules of BlackJack will differ from area to area and from casino to casino, but the general principles are the same. When in doubt, ask!). A typical BlackJack table seats a dealer and up to 7 players. Starting with the dealer, the first seat on his left is '1st Base', while the first seat on his right is referred to as 3rd Base. In front of each player's seat is a betting square, printed on the felt. Right in front of the dealer is the chip tray, while on his left is the deck (a.k.a. shoe) and next to that is the' minimum bet sign', which tells you how 'expensive' the table is. As a beginner, you will want to stick to the low bet tables to keep any losses under control. On the dealer's right is a money drop slot. This is a security feature - casinos don't really trust their employees, and all cash and chips are deposited here to prevent 'leakage'.

Next to the drop slot is what's known as the 'discard tray'. Play starts after the dealer shuffles the cards, the deck is 'cut' by a player using a 'marker card' (NOT the bare hand), and finally the dealer 'burns' a card (or throws it away in order to ensure randomness). Before the cards are dealt, you make your bet by placing chips or cash into the betting box. Be aware that you can sit out a hand or 2 if you ... � read more

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