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and the Ace counts eleven or one. The Ace always counts eleven except if your total exceeds 21 - then the value of the Ace is reduced to one. A hand with one Ace having the value of eleven is called a soft hand and a hand with all Aces having the value of one is called a hard hand. In Black Jack for instance, if you get an 8 and Ace dealt it would be a soft 19 while an 8, 10 and Ace would be a hard 19. Getting a start total of 21 is called a Black Jack and you have to show your hand immediately. If the dealer's up card is an Ace he checks for a dealer black jack first and then continues the game. Exceeding a total of 21, and already counting all the aces you have in your hand as one, means you are bust and lose your bet.

By turn each player will then have to make one of the following five decisions.

  • Hit / If you are not satisfied with your current total you can ask the dealer to hit you which means he deals you another card in addition to your two. You are hit until you are satisfied with your total, or until you bust.
  • Stand / You stand if you don't want any more cards.
  • Double / If you think you will win without getting more than one card you double. You have to ... � read more
  • Blackjack Card: Player & Dealer: Part 2 | Blackjack Card: Player & Forhandler: Del 2 | Karte des Black Jack: Spieler & Händler: Teil 2 | Μπλάκτζακ κάρτας: Παίκτης & Συνεργάτες: Μέρος 2 | Blackjack Card: Player & Jälleenmyyjä: Osa 2 | Carte de black jack : Joueur & Marchand : la Partie 2 | Biglietto di ventuno: Giocatore & Commerciante: la Parte 2 | Blackjack Card: Speler & Dealer: deel 2 | Blackjack Card: Spiller & Forhandler: Part 2 | Cartão de vinte-e-um: Jogador & Negociante: a Parte 2 | Tarjeta de cachiporra: Jugador & Distribuidor: la Parte 2 | Blackjack Card: Spelare & Återförsäljare: Del 2

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