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add an equal amount to your wager and get two more cards dealt forming two separate new starting hands.
  • Insurance / Insurance is offered to the players if the dealer's up card is an Ace, to protect against a dealers Black Jack. You will have to pay half of your original bet and will get 2:1 odds when the dealer has a Black Jack. Unless you also have a black jack your original bet is lost.
  • Surrender / This decision is quite rare and not offered is most casinos. After you see your starting hand and the dealers up card and you don't think you can win, you have to give your cards back to the dealer immediately. If you surrender you will only lose half of your original bet. You cannot surrender if the dealer has a Black Jack.

    After all the players have made their decision the dealer will then play his hand. The playing of the dealer's hand must follow certain rules. He must hit on every total less than 17 or otherwise stand. Some casinos even let the dealer hit when he has a soft 17. The rules which the dealer has to follow will be written clearly on the Black Jack table, so there will be no confusion.

    You win if either the dealer busts or has a total less than yours. The odds are 1:1. If the total is the same it's a draw or a push and your original wager is returned to you. A black jack beats an ordinary 21 and is paid 3:2 odds.

    Article: Blackjack Card Dealer

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