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Tips To Ponder Before Buying A Poker Table

Poker tables come in al shapes, sizes and prices.

Folding poker tables are reasonable priced and can easily be stored away or brought with you to the cottage or a friend's house

Racetrack poker tables are probably the most popular tables on the market. They are a great choice if you are buying a permanent piece of furniture for your gaming room, and the cloth/felt can easily be replaced .

Octagonal poker tables made out of oak or birch looks nice as a furniture and can also be used as a dining room table. The draw back with the octagonal all wood tables is that they scratch easily and the cards are harder to pick up than on felt tables.

Standard all felt poker tables gives you more playing surface and are in most cases cheaper and more poker friendly than both the octagon and racetrack table.

The felt on your new poker table should be of sturdy quality. There are several types of felt to choose from and the most expensive is speed felt.

Many poker table owners swear to velveteen and will never get anything else, but wool felt should also be taken in to consideration.

Moneyboxes are very practical and they have to be placed near the ... � read more

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