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In order to qualify for comps you need to do two things:
  • First of all you have to get your play rated. This means you must sign up for the casinos player's club and use your card whenever you play the machines. When you play table games you have to ask the pit boss to rate your play.
  • The second thing you must do when looking for a comp is to ask for it.
    No one will ask if you would like a free meal or a free hotel room, you will have to ask for what you want. If your play qualifies for the comp you are looking for you will get it. If not you are told you don't have enough play. You can then inquire as to how much play is required for the comp you are seeking. Most of the casino employees will bend over backwards to keep you on property and playing.

So to recap:

  • Most casinos will give food and beverage comps freely if you ask.
  • Some will give the hotel rooms fairly easy during off peak times and sometime during peak times if you ask.
  • If you gamble big denominations, the sky could be the limit, if you ask.

A friendly smile and a polite inquiry can land you right in the middle of some very nice freebies. Aways play the ask game when you visit a casino.

Happy Gambling!

Dr. D. is a person who loves to gamble.

Article: Casino Comps

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