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a little fun is for someone to give you money to do it.

If You Win

If you win, you can withdraw the money and spend it elsewhere. But, before you can withdraw cash, you usually have to actually play at the casino. Playing means that in the usual course of betting you'll be constantly winning and losing. Some places require you to recycle the amount of free cash five to seven times before you can cash out.

If you get lucky and win big right at the beginning, that's no problem.

If You Lose

If you run out of free money, you can put some of your own money in or you can just quit playing at the casino. If you like the casino, but don't want to spend any money, you can play in practice mode.

In practice mode, you're not playing for real money.

More Free Money

When you add money of your own, the casino will probably match it with some of their own. Some places will do this only if your a new player at that casino. Some casinos will do matches all the time.

You've got to read the offer before you sign up. If you know you'll be putting in some of your own money anyway, you might as well do it when you sign up. This way, you'll get the extra casino match.

As a new player, you should be getting this match no matter where you signup. Look for the offer and make note of what you need do, if anything, to get the match.

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