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Craps rules

Craps looks like a very complicated game, and indeed it can be. But, as you will shortly find out, it can also be a game as simple as you want to make it.

Craps is a game played with two dice and up to eight players participating. In physical casinos you will see that the craps table are always the most crowded tables. The constant action makes craps one of the most exciting and most played games in casinos.

The game starts with what is called a "Come Out" roll made by the so called "Shooter". This is the player currently rolling the dices. The shooter wins if he rolls a so called "Natural" which is a 7 or 11, and loses if the roll is a 2, 3 or a 12. This Is called "Craps". Rolling any of the remaining numbers (4,5,6,8,9, or 10) is known as the Point. If the shooter establishes a point at the come out roll, he has to roll another point and then a 7 to win the game. Rolling a seven right after the first point would mean he loses and the dices and they go on to the next player. In case you are the next shooter and you don't want to roll the dices you always have the option to give them right to the next player without rolling yourself.

The Betting!

There are many different ways you can place bets in craps. Everybody on ... � read more

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