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the table can place bets, not only the shooter. Here is a part of the craps table to make the bet easier to understand. The black chips demonstrate the bets that can be made.
  • 1.) Pass Line Bet / This is the most popular and simplest bet in craps. You bet that the shooter wins his game. This bet can be made at any time but is generally made before the come out roll. The odds are 1:1 on this bets.
  • 2.) Don't Pass Bet / This is exactly the opposite of the above. You bet the shooter does not win his game. Odds are 1:1 too.
  • 3.) Odds Bet / When the shooter establishes the point in the come out role you can place an odds bet as an option to your Pass Line or don't Pass wager. In this bet the casino has absolutely no advantage because you don't bet against it. Basically you strengthen you pass or don't pass wager. A winning odds bet pays you the true odds which are 6:5 for a 6 and 8 roll, 3:2 for a 5 and 9 roll and 2:1 for a 4 and 10.
  • 4.) Come Bet / The come bet works exactly like the Pass line bet but you make the bet after the point is established. The next roll becomes the come out roll for your bet. A come bet wins with 7 and 11 and loses with 2, 3 and 12. All other rolled numbers cause your wager to be moved to that particular number (the x is the spot where your wager is moved to, in this case the result of the roll was an 8). For you to win, the point has to be re-established before a 7 is rolled. The odds are 1:1 also.
  • 5.) Don't Come Bet / The opposite of the explained above. Odds ... � read more
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