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The Secrets of the Big Numbers

Pssst...! Wanna know a secret?

How about the secrets of the Big Six and Big Eight?

As you might know, the Big Six and Eight are even money bets. This means that if you bet $12 and win, you win $12. If you placed $12 on the regular six or eight you would win $14, at 7:6 odds. The casino gives a lot of space to the big six and eight, so beginners who are afraid to give the dealer a place bet can bet directly on the Big Numbers in the corner. In most cases these bets should be avoided.

Wanna know how craps pros use the Big Numbers?

Let�s find out!

There are two good uses for the Big Six and Eight. The first involves those �match play� coupons so common in the Casino fun books. Most of these coupons state they are for flat bets only, and are usually used for pass or don�t pass bets, with no odds. If you put a match play coupon for $5 along with $5 on the pass line, you take a chance on getting stuck with a 4 or 10. But if you put your $5 coupon along with $5 on the Big Six or Eight, you are getting the best bet you can get, under the circumstances. If the six or eight hits, you�ll get back $10 in real money. Not as good as placing the numbers, but you can�t use a match-play coupon with place numbers ... � read more

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