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How to Play Red Dog Poker

Red Dog is a simple card game that is also known as Yablon, Acey-Deucy, Ace-Deuce, In-Between and Between the Sheets. The object of the game is to bet on the likelihood of a third card being between the initial two cards dealt.

After bets are placed, the dealer deals two cards. After the initial deal players have the option of Raising their bet (doubling it). Payoffs for winning hands are based on the Spread of the initial two cards. Aces are always high and suit doesn�t matter.

If the initial two cards dealt are a pair or consecutive, the hand is declared a Tie or Push. If the third card dealt is equal in value to one of the original two cards the player loses. Some casinos will pay out on an original bet at 11 to 1 if a three of a kind is dealt to encourage people to play.


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Red Dog Poker

How to Play Red Dog Poker
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