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alike. Online Poker Rooms offer both single and multi-table tournaments. The larger online tournaments consist of literally thousands of players. In addition, many of the larger Rooms offer their most loyal players Private Tournaments in which players can set up their own online tournament structure inviting the players of their choice.

Old School vs. New School

Some Poker players say that they find online poker just not the same experience as home games or playing in a casino. Indeed online Poker is different in many ways from the traditional game of Poker. Internet Poker is a whole new variation of the game.

The main obvious difference is that you are not sitting right across from your opponents, removing any and all ability to watch your opponents' reactions and body language. The new world of playing Poker online brings a new form of Internet Poker tells in which one watches and analyzes the speed at which an opponent bets. You don't have to see a player in person to identify a tell. As with traditional Poker, the concept is still the same - get to know your opponent's playing style and habits, because every action your opponent makes could potentially give you information on what kind of cards they are holding.

Although some players will still prefer to play their weekly home game, the past few years have seen a tremendous jump in the number of online Poker players - millions of people worldwide now participate in online Poker games and tournaments. The software and graphics are also becoming more and more sophisticated. With the popularity of Internet Poker growing each day, the new face of Poker is here to stay.

Oscar Daylight is the webmaster for The Poker Play Zone - A guide to playing Poker on the Internet.

Article: Internet Poker: Players, Tournaments, Games

Internet Poker: Players, Tournaments, Games: Part 2 | Internet Poker: afspillere, Turneringer, Spil: Del 2 | Internetschürstange: Spieler, Turniere, Spiele: Teil 2 | Πόκερ στο Διαδίκτυο: Οι παίκτες, Τουρνουά, Παιχνίδια: Μέρος 2 | Internet Pokeri: soittimet, turnaukset, Games: osa 2 | Poker Internet : les Joueurs, les Tournois, les Jeux : la Partie 2 | Poker d'Internet: i Giocatori, i Tornei, i Giochi: la Parte 2 | Internet Poker: spelers, toernooien, Games: Deel 2 | Internet Poker: Spillere, turneringer, Spill: Del 2 | Pôquer de Internet: Jogadores, Torneios, Jogos: a Parte 2 | Póker de Internet: Jugadores, Torneos, Juegos: la Parte 2 | Internet Poker: Spelare, turneringar, spel: Del 2

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