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This game is based on 5 Card Stud Poker, but in this game you are not playing against other players or the house. Here you only play against your own luck.

Starting out you have to make three equal bets. This is done by placing one of your chips in each of the three circles located at your playing position. Those circles will be marked as "$", "1" and "2". The chips in 1 and 2 may be called back later on but the chip in the $ circle is the minimum you have to risk. After placing the bets each player and the dealer gets three cards face down. The dealer then will discard one of his cards immediately. Those cards are not a hand; they are later being used for every player to create a five card poker hand out of his own three cards.

Once all the cards are dealt the players can pick up their first three cards and look at them. After you looked at your cards and you don't think you are going to have a winning hand, you can ask for your first bet back. This is done by dragging the cards on the table the same way as if you were taking a hit in Blackjack. The dealer will then give you back one of your three bets. In this case the one bet is out of the game regardless if you win or lose. If you think you have a winning hand just slide your cards face down under your bet. This signals to the dealer that you want to Let it Ride. After ... � read more

Let It Ride: Cards, Player, Winning Hand | Let It Ride: kort, Player, Winning Hand | Lassen Sie Es Reiten: Karten, Spieler, Hand Gewinnend | Το άφησε να οδηγήσει: Κάρτες, Παίκτης, κερδίζει το χέρι | Let It Ride: Kortit, Player, Winning Hand | Permettez-y d'Aller : les Cartes, le Joueur, en Gagnant la Main | Permetta Questo di Andare in macchina: i Biglietti, il Giocatore, Vincendo la Mano | Let It Ride: Kaarten, speler Winnende Hand | Let It Ride: Kort, Player, vinnende hånd | Deixe-o Montar: Cartões, Jogador, Ganhando Mão | Déjele Montar a caballo: Naipes, Jugador, Ganando Mano | Let It Ride: kort, spelare, Winning Hand

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