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It�s been proven time and time again that the majority lottery or other gambling cash prize winners will be broke within a few years of winning. What a very depressing statistic.

Many lottery or other gambling systems are created to win when the player loses. The odds are in the favor of �the house.� Sad but true.

However, the lottery system was designed to win because you, the player, wins. With a member-driven system that has increasing jackpots, guaranteed winners, unlimited chances to win and no limits� the odds are stacked in your favor.

With all the work to develop such a player-focused lottery system, we want to go the extra mile and make sure when you do win � no matter what the amount � you have a plan that will help you not return to your same financial situation prior to winning.

I call it the 10/20/70 plan.

The great thing is this plan can be used for your winnings at or any money you receive including lotteries, other cash prizes, tax returns� even your paycheck. It�s a universal system that�s been used by the wealthiest people to protect their financial future and now you can use it also.

Practice this system with your �winnings� and then try to migrate it into your �regular� paycheck. I promise you an exciting financial future once you do.

Let's allocate it in the following ways:

1) 10% to Charity

Before you spend a dime, you should take 10% �off the top� ... � read more

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